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Meeting essential needs comes first. If someone is hungry there is nothing you can advise or say to them they will hear. The old saying is true; "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Our strategy to serve at EV is feed first, facilitate basic life skills & foster food for thought for our neighbors who find themselves temporarily without basic necessities and resources as we pull them forward to purpose.

Impacting the Helpless,

Hungry & Homeless

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Music Education, Appreciation & Intervention

Under-served at risk youth and often cannot afford music lesson outside of the education provided by public schools. Schoold has cut many of these programs.

EV Provides music lessons and instrument donations to these youth

Additionally, we not only involve ourselves in the music but get insight into home circumstances and the greater needs of the family unit.

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Traffickers take people from one area of a country to another or across borders, and when they arrive, they force their victims into exploitation.