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The young runaway or homeless child is an easy target for those wanting to exploit them.  Human trafficking generates billions of dollars each year.  These children are most vulnerable when they lack the necessary resources for day to day life.  Those basic needs , love, food, shelter and direction, are what the pimps, traffickers and exploiters use to entice young people.  Empty Vessel is committed to identifying such victims and potential sitting targets through partnering with existing community networks  to provide resources and basic needs.

  • Most victims are lured  with methodical emotional coercion, the promise of love, shelter, food and security, by those who are engaged in the exploitation and trafficking business.

  • Traffickers isolating victims from their families and friends, introduce drugs, and other controlling tactics.

  • Young people facing homelessness often have to make the desperate choice between sleeping on the street accepting food and shelter. 

  • According to U.S. federal law, there is no such thing as a “child prostitute,” and any child under age 18 engaging in commercial sex is, by law,  a victim of sex trafficking.

  • If a pimp forces a person to engage in sex for money against their will at any time, whether through threats, coercion, or physical violence, that person is a human trafficking victim, regardless of age or initial consent.

  • Boys also fall victim to trafficking and boys are less likely to ask for help.

  • Traffickers deny their victims independence, education, and the ability to gain employment skills. 

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