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Collectible musical instrument donations such as a vintage Les Paul guitar and vintage fender amp, a fine violin, or a Steinway piano actually do more for our music program than you might imagine.

The gift of music is something that all children should be able to partake in. Many schools have cut musical education from their curriculum because the music instruments that are used in schools are very expensive and the budget just isn't there.

With your generous music instrument donation, new opportunities for learning become available to our children. Your donation of a musical instrument can open a door for these children and give them the opportunity that they might have never had.

Step 1. Determine whether or not the instrument/s & items you wish to donate are useful.

Empty Vessel can only make use of instruments, gear and items that are in good shape, unused, nearly new or brand new.

Step 2. Complete Donation Form Online and We will be in touch with you ASAP

The donation form gathers the information we will need to accept your donations, determine it's fair market value, and if you are not donating the shipping cost, arrange shipping.

Step 3. Prepare the item for shipping once you hear from us.

Bubble wrap the instrument and package in a large box with plenty of styrofoam peanuts You can get the materials at a U-haul or any pack and ship store.