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The Music Matters Project is a community-based music program for underserved youth, ages 6-18. The program is focused on providing three things, Music education, music appreciation and intervention for at-risk children.

The Project allows kids to experience not only knowledge and appreciation of music but a transformation of hope that will stay with them throughout their adult life, having a direct and positive effect on their well being and the well being of their community.

The purported benefits of music education have been well documented in hundreds of studies. The measured outcomes generally fall into one of two categories: pro social development and academic achievement.

Indicators of pro social development include:

• Better discipline

• Increased motivation

• Increased self-esteem

• More positive peer associations

• Reduced truancy

• Less interest in drugs

• Better relations with adults

• More resistant to peer pressure

• More hope for the future

• Reduced criminal activity

Measures of academic achievement include:

• Improved math ability

• Improved spatial-temporal reasoning

• Improved reading comprehension

• Increased interest in social studies

• Improved language skills

• Higher high school graduation rate